• 1. Registration

    The installed app will display the fields for registration on the home.

    Estate managers should click on the signup button and enter their first name, last name, email ID and password. Clicking on the “Sign Up’ button will automatically log the user into the app.

    2. Profile

    This displays the registered information and other fields to be set by the estate manager.

    Edit profile to set these

    Currency Type: You can choose the currency type to be used by all sub users. The default is US dollar ($)

    Contact Center: You enter the name of your company here which will appear of sub users profile and also the address and phone number of the company

    You can also change your password from the “change password” option

    3. Creation of Properties

    Click the plus, “+” sign to add a new property. The displayed fields indicate information need to create a new property. All fields are compulsory except the following: Purchase price, Monthly insurance, Monthly property tax, and Association

    You can add more after emergency contacts by clicking the plus, “+” sign next to it. Submit to create the property

    4. Creation of Staff

    Click the plus, “+” sign to create staff to be attached to properties

    You can select staff role during creation by assigning one to the staff under “Select Role” . eg facility manager or facility supervisor. Submit to create staff.

    You can also disable staff by coming to this page after creation and clicking “edit”. Select “inactive” under “Status” to disable staff.

    5. Creation of Tenants

    Before the creation of tenants, click on “Lease” below the “Tenants” button and define the type of lease to be assigned to the different tenants. You can customize different types of lease depending on preference and agreement.

    Go back to the Tenants menu and click on the plus, “+” sign to add a new tenant. Enter the necessary details and choose the lease type as define previously for the particular tenant.


    6. Maintenance

    You can

    a) View all maintenance requests here

    b) Change status of a maintenance request

    c) Change manager assigned to a maintenance request

    7. Inbox

    Mails can be exchanged between the estate manager, facility manager and tenants

    8. Payments

    Estate manager can create list of pending payments by tenants. Status of the payment will change to pending after the due date and payment is not made nor uploaded by the tenant. The status changes to paid when the tenant uploads the proof of payment

    9. Reports

    View all reports of “Maintenance request” and “payments” here. Report can be viewed in csv format on a browser

    10. Advertisements

    Estate manager can post Ads of properties for sale, rent or short let

    11. Upgrade

    Estate manager can upgrade to the preferred package here and this takes you to the voguepay payment processing page

    12. Contact Admin

    All help and support issues can be sent to the admin here through